Tasks :

For web developers -

Make two responsive webpages -
  1. Main page representing tooryanaad 17 homepage and various events related to tooryanaad.
  2. Other page for Ahvaan 17 registration form with appropriate fields. Both pages are hyperlinked together.

For Android developers -

Make two android activities as mentioned below -
  1. Event activity for listing the events in the gridview
  2. Other activity is for the event description, which should contain the event name, description, poster, deadlines, rules and registration button.

Terms -

  • Those who applied for both the web and android developer posts can solve both tasks.
  • All tasks should be done by yourself.
  • You can use design frameworks and libraries.
  • All the students have to submit the given task before 12AM on 11-FEB-2016, on the given url https://www.dropbox.com/request/AKW1c7eUtX2CN2IjIKxp with your token number and name.
  • Or task can be mailed to with your token number and name.
  • Logos, images and posters for the project https://tooryanaad.in/static/task-resources.zip .
  • Old yead websites-
  • For any query mail : or call : 9589839532 .